The Humble Vintage Cocktail Chair

Vintage Cocktail Chair

The humble vintage German cocktail chair. So versatile, and an ideal chair for those rooms where space is limited. We’ve been restoring these beautiful chairs since 2014 when we launched our first collaboration with Studio Flock in bright and bold geometric designs.

I’ve seen a lot of people restore these chairs since then, and many people write to me to tell me how much we have inspired them to have a go at restoring their own chairs.

I see the market place is now swamped with new, cheaper alternatives. It’s difficult as a small business to ‘price match’ our restored vintage chairs to the new high street chairs as I have so been asked many times before. 

What makes our chairs so special? Our vintage chairs are specially imported to us in the UK, are strong, well made, have full metal spring cage units in the seats and importantly have a lovely history. We restore them with love and send them back out again into the world with fresh clothes and a new found confidence. I’m so grateful to all my customers who choose my chairs over the high street, for believing in our workmanship, our passion and our livelihoods as small businesses.

Thank you thank you,

Amy x

Geometric Cocktail Chairs


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