Styling | Monochrome Tones

Here at Florrie and Bill, we love the classic coupling of black and white. But if a monochrome scheme might seem less than practical to achieve at home, a softer way to capture the look is by blending black with ratios of other dark tones and accenting with a warm bright colour.

Retro Armchair in Charcoal Wool

We have transformed this vintage German armchair with a charcoal wool with blue fleck. Keeping the dark black elements to a minimum, we paired a black porcelain Cooee vase with this minimal Typographical inspired table from ByAlex. 

Accents of mustard complement the bright white of neutral walls and add a warming colour tone to the ensemble. With cushions featuring fabric from Studio Flock, the boxy shape of the chair is broken up with a geometric pattern and supported with another rich accent of mustard from a cushion made up in Svensson fabric. 

Retro Armchair in Charcoal Wool
Cushion in Aldgate East Minor Ink
Honest Candle
Yellow Cage Light


The overall effect is softer than that of a purely monochromatic scheme. What do you think? Are you more likely to go for a mix of darker tones or would you prefer a bolder monochromatic colour scheme?

Table: ByALEX
Copper Vase: Cooee Design
Cushions: Florrie+Bill + Flock
Fabrics by: Svensson
Pendant by: Quirk UK

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