Blush Pink Vintage Armchair

How gorgeous is this vintage armchair that we restored for a photoshoot for Issue Two of our magazine? A favourite here at #fandbhq we are sad to see it go to a lovely new home this week, but we know its going to a great place.

In this shot, the blush pink cotton fabric works really well against the grey wall, and is accessorised by minimal furniture and monochrome art.

To order a chair like this, please contact us for pricing.

Vintage Blush Pink Armchair from Florrie+Bill

Table + Coatstand: ByALEX
Poster: Via Martine
Copper Vase: Cooee Design
Cushions: Florrie+Bill
Tags: Chairs, Styling


  • Posted by Katy Laws on

    I was wondering where you got the blush pink chair from in the above photograph (issue two of your magazine) and how much one would be?

    Thank you

  • Posted by Rebecca Connolly on

    I love this vintage blush armchair, do you ship to the UK?

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